It's taken a lot to build and maintain BitBite. What started as a project has grown into a platform for users and businesses to make eating out and exploring enjoyable and simple again. This page is dedicated to all the people who help make BitBite a reality and keep it running.

Daniel Nazarian

Creator and Lead Developer

Daniel developed the original concept and application for BitBite. He builds, maintains, and improves the BitBite mobile and web applications and manages the day-to-day technology and business needs. He leads the creation and implementation of new concepts and features, driving the platform forward.

Sam Houle

Marketing Strategy and Client Acquisition

Sam spearheads our marketing and sales approach, giving direction to our sales and strategic vision. Sam works directly with our clients to help ensure they get the most out of BitBite and helps us reach restaurants, bars and users around the world.

Jacob Faubion

Business Development and Client Relations

Jacob is involved with the creation of long-term value for BitBite, ranging from consumer relationships, market opportunities, and client management. Jacob also assists in cultivating ideas, initiatives, and activities aimed towards making BitBite a better service for clients and consumers.

Chase Spengler


Chase is a partial owner in BitBite, helping guide and direct BitBite.

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