Validation Types

These are the numerous ways you can validate "transactions" to add or remove points from campaigns users accounts.

QR Code

With this authentication method the customers have the power to authenticate their transaction through the use of an in-app QR code scanner. For each campaign, once a new QR code is generated, all the vendor must do to ready the rewards system is print out the image of the code and keep it near the cash register. The customer can simply ask for you to display the code when the transaction has been completed to increase their rewards points.

Transactions validated with QR codes will also check the customers location to ensure they are at one of the locations your business has on file. QR codes can also be regenerated and reprinted as often as necessary.

Two Factor Pin

This form of authentication allows for more employee accountability. Each employee that would receive a transaction, such as a cashier, server or bartender, simply needs to type in your unique company PIN number or phrase and their own, personal employee PIN (up to 4-digits) on the customer’s BitBite app. This helps you, as a business owner or manager, to monitor the validity of each point added to the campaign, if necessary.

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