BitBite is...

BitBite is a user first food and drink platform that provides a digital space to interact with customers so you can grow and focus on what matters.

Featured Services

Online Ordering

Explore our no-touch, remote order and pick-up options. Setup your business accept online orders in minutes.


Increase customer interaction and sales with our simple, customizable and secure rewards system.


Got an upcoming event or weekly deal you want promoted to the right audience? Look no further.

BitBite For Business

Cost Effective

Priced simply and competitively across the industry, BitBite ensures you don't have to spend all day budgeting.


Designed with adaptability in mind, BitBite works independent of your POS system, so integrate our services however best suits your business.

Real Growth

Watch customer interaction and organic growth explode as you get back to focussing on the parts of your business that matter.


Our prices are amongst the most affordable and competitive in the industry. Learn more by clicking the button below.

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