BitBite is the digital space for food, drink and fun.

We know most food and drink vendors don't get into the business for the sake of managing logistics. This is where we step in. We want the artisan to focus on their craft, the mixologist on their concoction and the barista on their foamy designs.

We know you’ve honed your skill. We believe Creatives shouldn’t need to worry about customer outreach. Your menu items are tasty, but some crucial potential customers in your community may not. BitBite is the future of the food industry for this reason.

Imagine if the several hours per week your business allocates to marketing and promotions were condensed to the few minutes it takes to set up a customer rewards campaign through our services. All of that time could go towards perfecting that near-perfect dish, or, let's face it, kicking back and relaxing in between orders. Celebrate your craft and treat yourself!


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Recent Activity

BitBite Buddies

BitBite's core mission is to connect our end users with all the fantastic, tasty and unique food vendors and experiences on our platform and around the world.

To that end, we're excited to announce BitBite Buddies which focuses on connecting friends, foodies, vendors and more through the mutual love of food!

BitBite Online Ordering is Officially Released!

After nearly a year of testing our online ordering system, working with numerous vendors, users, gathering feedback and so much more, we are beyond excited to announce its formal release! As of May 2021, BitBite Online Ordering will be available to any of our vendors after minimal extra verification.

Due to the current state of the food industry (global pandemic and all) we have worked hard to maintain our favorable pricing to maintain our commitment to our clients.

BitBite For Web

We're very excited to announce that now the BitBite experience you love is available online!

Order, get rewards and do everything else you love with BitBite anytime from any device at online.BitBite.app!

BitBite Starts Online Ordering Beta

With current COVID-related restrictions impacting the restaurant industry, having a safe, no-touch, online ordering solution is essential for the health of the population and the stability of the economy. Our newly released online ordering system beta is constantly improving and the solution to the uncertainty of these times, especially for small businesses.

Gainesville TV20 Tech Tuesday

BitBite was featured on Gainesville's TV20 news station as a part of their Tech Tuesday segment. We were able to discuss adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic and how we hoped to help our clients adapt to the 'new normal' in the food world.

Watch the video to the right or click here to learn more

BitBite For Business

Cost Effective

Priced simply and competitively across the industry, BitBite ensures you don't have to spend all day budgeting.


Designed with adaptability in mind, BitBite works independent of your POS system, so integrate our services however best suits your business.

Real Growth

Watch customer interaction and organic growth explode as you get back to focussing on the parts of your business that matter.

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