Order Restrictions

BitBite Online Ordering offers numerous ways to control and monitor aspects of your business' orders.

We provide a number of features to help you track your inventory, limit orders, and more to ensure you're always in charge of your online ordering.

Menu Item Inventory

Our item inventory system allows you to easily track stock of your menu items throughout the day. This also allows BitBite to automatically notify users when certain items are out of stock.

Seamlessly track your inventory throughout the day with no overhead for you or your employees.

These inventory values can also be manually updated live in the Vendor Terminal to reflect real time stock issues and updates.

Order Limits

Limit the simply by raw number of orders per location via our order limits system. These allow you to easily control the flow and set a ceiling for daily orders.

You shouldn't have to be surprised by a slew of random orders right before close.

These limits can be manually updated live in the Vendor Terminal giving you full control over the state of your business.

And More!

Opening Hours

Set specific open/closed hours for each location you have in BitBite so we can notify your users and handle your orders appropriately 24/7!

These can be set in your vendor account .

Manual Shutdown

Manually shutdown orders at any location at any time in case of emergency (or vacation!)

Locations can be shutdown anytime in the Vendor Terminal.

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