When getting the word out is easier than ever, that leaves you more time to do what you love - running your business.

BitBite Promotions is the easy and fun way for local restaurants and businesses to add deals and events to our platform! Whether it's a happy hour, food specials, philanthropy, or anything in between - BitBite makes it easier than ever to reach countless new and potential customers in your area.



One of our biggest beliefs is simplicity - for users and restaurants. Our promotions system makes it simpler than ever to create high quality, detailed promotions that show up on our app in seconds.

We don't believe you should need to get a degree to post about what your business is doing - make an account today and see how straight forward our process is.


Food isn't about data or tracking or metrics - it's about people! We believe that focusing on communities and people is what makes the experience for both our users and our business partners.

By focusing on location, BitBite ensures that users are finding relevant and interesting content and that your promotions are reaching the people that matter to your business.


By focusing on people and communities BitBite ensures that your promotions aren't just tossed into the dark abyss of the internet, never to be seen again.

Through engaging our users, our promotions are effective and actionable, ensuring that your dollars are well spent.


Use our discounts system to easily create and offer discounts to users that are as granular or generic as you like.

Specify requirements, add codes for simple usage and effortlessly advertise your discounts to users!


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