The Problem

Nowadays, with countless distractions, competitors and more, finding ways ot reach and engage customers is one of the biggest hurdles restaurants, bars and other small businesses may face.

BitBite Rewards is a loyalty management solution for restaurants, bars and more of all sizes. BitBite Rewards is the simple and cost effective way to not only keep current customers engaged, but reach new customers without even worrying about marketing.

How it works

The idea is simple: BitBite users can enroll in "campaigns" through the BitBite mobile application. When they come in, a pre-verified employee can add or subtract points through the customer's device using a short campaign and personal pin number.

We believe there are a few elements that set BitBite Rewards apart from other loyalty solutions.


Setting up and managing your own loyalty system is complicated. Whether you're using punch cards, integrated point of sale system or a custom solution, there's A LOT to maintain and track

BitBite Rewards takes care of all that for you while still offering customizations to make your campaign effective and unique. No matter how you model your loyalty system, BitBite Rewards can fit it easily.


Loyalty solutions are often a trade off between inexpensive and secure. Custom hardware or software requires maintenance, training and, above all, cost. Punch card systems are highly susceptible to fraud as well.

BitBite Rewards charges a simple fee and that's it; no more hardware or custom apps you have to pay for and you can sleep easy knowing your loyalty system isn't silently draining your wallet.


One of the biggest concerns when managing a loyalty program is fraud. BitBite Rewards has a number of systems and checks in place to help ensure that transactions are legitimate and protected.

Through our two factor pin system, transactions are verified and tracked through all channels even allowing you to view your campaign's full transaction history.


Most loyalty systems are primarily internal. While they'll encourage your current customers to come back they do little to nothing to expand your market.

BitBite Rewards campaigns are constantly shown and promoted to customers near your business, expanding the reach of your business without you even thinking about it.

Getting Started

Once you have a BitBite Vendor account, getting started is easy:

  1. Create a Campaign: Select details like title, points, image, theme color and more to really make it your own.
  2. Add Verified Employees: Add employee names and pins to allow your employees to validate mobile transactions.
  3. Begin Making Transactions: Use the campaign and employee pin to validate mobile transactions or make transactions straight from your vendor account on our site.

Interested? Sign up and try BitBite Rewards today!

NOTE: BitBite Rewards is currently in Beta. If you're interested in joining our Beta program please make an account and view the "Rewards" tab on your vendor dashboard.