Setting up and managing your own loyalty system is a complicated, continuous process. Whether you’re using punch cards, an integrated point of sale system or a custom solution, there always ends up being a TON to worry about.

Customers would rather download an app that meets all their needs than juggle several at once. Using BitBite Rewards ensures your campaigns easily and effectively reach the foodies you’ve been looking for or the loyal customers that are already dear to you and your business.


We want to confirm that each and every BitBite transaction is proven as legitimate. This is why we’ve integrated a number of protections and checks within our system to ensure fraud will never be a problem.

We offer multiple different campaign validation types , allowing you to securely and easily add points to your customers' accounts. Never punch a hole in a fake punch card again.


Most current loyalty systems only reward the customers that are already loyal to your business and do not offer any viable solution to expanding your market.

BitBite Rewards campaigns are specifically shown and promoted to the most relevant potential customers near your location(s) constantly, increasing the scope of your brand without you ever having to lift a finger.

Example campaigns

Dollars Spent - 1 point per $1 spent

'Goal' Amount - 1 point per $10 spent

Number of Visits - 1 point per visit

Getting Started

Once you have a BitBite Vendor account, getting started is easy:

  1. Create a Campaign: Select details like title, points, image, theme color, validation type and more.

  2. Add Discount(s): Use our discounts system to setup actual rewards for customers!

  3. Start Loving BitBite: That's it! Customers can start earning points through the BitBite app.


Use our discounts system to easily create and offer discounts to users that are as granular or generic as you like.

Specify requirements, add codes for simple usage and effortlessly advertise your discounts to users!


Sign up today and start taking advantage of everything BitBite has to offer!

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