It takes a lot to create an app and keep it running. What started as a project and has grown into a platform for users and businesses to make eating out and exploring enjoyable and simple again.

This page is dedicated to all the people who help make BitBite a reality and keep it running.

Daniel Nazarian

Creator and Lead Developer

Daniel developed the original concept and application for BitBite. He builds, maintains, and improves the BitBite mobile and web applications and manages the day-to-day technology and business needs. He also leads the creation and implementation of new concepts and features, helping direct the platform.

Chase Spengler

Operations and Client Management

Chase helps integrate our platform into our clients workflows, offering support to our existing clients and directing the acquisition of new ones. He also aides in the ideation and implementation of new and exciting features of our platform and helps maintain many of our systems.

Maya Nazarian

Social Media Director

Maya is in charge of our online presence, ensuring that our social media is well presented and properly maintained. She takes the effort to guarantee that our message and product is communicated well and attractively through all mediums and for all our users.

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